Being a part of mission-critical services and managing our monitoring stacks has given me exposure to various such tools. But this monitoring stack is the hero.

InfluxDB has been the highest rated time-series database since 2016.

So what makes it so popular? The single word is simplicity.

The InfluxDB an…

An introduction to setting up metrics in Elasticsearch [Part 1 of 3].

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We talked about Elasticsearch going red in a recent post at

But we must act proactively on such possibilities and never have downtime in ES. But, how to read the Elasticsearch metrics to predict the cluster behavior?

Monitoring the ES Cluster Health

Take decisions using your big data stored in S3 without running ETL jobs. Save cost by SMARTLY partitioning the data.

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AWS Athena Pricing

Athena is a powerful service built to query the data in S3. It suites to data that is semi or unstructured. …

Shards are the heart of Elasticsearch. This blog takes the understanding of shards further to link it with performance.

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Why Shard Size matter?

The search power of Elasticsearch revolves around the shard size. An index has many shards and a shard is a “search engine” in itself. Whenever a query is hit on an…

What is a Red Cluster?

A red (or a yellow) cluster implies the cluster health of Elasticsearch. Let’s understand why a red cluster is a big deal and a step-by-step guide to tackling it.

An Elasticsearch index is composed of many shards. A shard is a unit of data that is a little search engine…

Ansible helps us to setup or configure 100s of machines in an agent-less manner. This guide will help you structure the Ansible Playbook such that it is more intuitive — the team will love to collaborate.

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Why a structure is important in Ansible?

Ansible is the one destination for all IT automation. With time, the complexity of…

The default indexing strategy in Elasticsearch is not the best option for you. Define custom analyzers to tailor your ES indexing strategy.

Why default Indexing strategy might not serve well?

During indexing, Elasticsearch extracts keywords from the raw data and stores them. This processing happens inside an analyzer in Elasticsearch. How we trim our data and create “keywords”…

Infra-as-code is the backbone for any cloud. But, why should one look beyond CloudFormation Templates?

Why Infrastructure as Code?

Infra-as-code implies we are provisioning infrastructure by writing a code. As in the case of AWS CloudFormation, we input .yaml files and AWS resources are generated.

We are inclined towards using infra as code due…

Why use the CloudFormation Template?

One sure way to create an EC2 is via the AWS Console. You can click on “Create Instance” and enter subnets, security groups, and the instance type. Submit. It’s easy.

But, can you do the same steps 20 times over — in order to create a cluster with these instances?

Amroj Sandhu

An Engineer based in Delhi, India.

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